menschheit (lyrane) wrote in usca,

A few co-op questions

I'm going to be starting at Lothlorien in the fall, and I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind:

1. do most people eat three meals a day from the coop, or do they get a caldining plan too for lunches, etc? could one take food from the Loth pantry regularly to make to-go meals?
2. how big a deal is it if I show up kind of late for move-in, i.e. late afternoon on Sunday the 26th of August? Is it vital to be there early to meet a roommate, and is it a bad idea to not attend the orientation brunch? I would like to delay my departure from home as much as possible, but will this be not a good idea?
3. what's a good way to make friends with neighbors in the coop? bring (vegan) cookies and hand them out along the hall?

Thank you very much!
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