menschheit (lyrane) wrote in usca,

A few co-op questions

I'm going to be starting at Lothlorien in the fall, and I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind:

1. do most people eat three meals a day from the coop, or do they get a caldining plan too for lunches, etc? could one take food from the Loth pantry regularly to make to-go meals?
2. how big a deal is it if I show up kind of late for move-in, i.e. late afternoon on Sunday the 26th of August? Is it vital to be there early to meet a roommate, and is it a bad idea to not attend the orientation brunch? I would like to delay my departure from home as much as possible, but will this be not a good idea?
3. what's a good way to make friends with neighbors in the coop? bring (vegan) cookies and hand them out along the hall?

Thank you very much!
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1: i ate 8-10 meals a day at CZ when i was there. and, the food is YOURS! you pay for it! you get to do whatever you want! woohoo! anarchy!
seriously, eat the food.

2: call/email/talk to your house manager. they will be able to tell you what you need to do for move-in. if you don't have their info, call central office and ask them. this is what house managers are for. every house does move-in a little different. get the run-down from your house manager.

3: hang out, talk to people, vegan cookies in the hall always works. i ran for a vacant house position and met people that way. get involved, it's your house, make it a good place to be. have fun!
1. But they won't COOK, which might be a concern of the original poster.
2. concur
3. you don't need to endear people with food. On the other hand, one can make a lot of "friends" by giving out pot cookies, though.
i would endear people with free condoms and bandaids, not usually at the same time and i was the health worker, afterall.
marcikay basically said it.

Well, there is also more to it: Loth is a seriously great place to live in, and the best you can presumably do to 'prepare' is to relax.

ad 1: loth gives you plenty of reason not to have a dining plan: better food and nicer people around... And yes, all the food is yours to eat. Whenever you feel like it. Go, make yourself a sandwich, or a whatever for lunch, then have dinner at loth. It's all just fine.

ad 2: Why miss it if you don't have to? Haven't you lived at home for mostly all of your previous life?

ad 3: Be yourself. Find out who you are. If that involves making cookies for everyone it's gonna be all the merrier.
Don't get a dining plan.
Hello! I live at Loth.

1. Dining plan nooo! Almost all of our food is organic and much comes from the local farmer's market, so it's way better than the crud they serve in the dining hall. Plus, the kitchen is the main social space of the house, so you'll make friends while you make lunch.

2. You'll have to talk to the house manager Oki (I'll send you his phone number soon) about this. We assign permanent rooms a week or two after move-in, so you should be here to choose a room and a roommate, or you'll get stuck with the worst of each. It's also good (but not totally required) to be here for the first couple of weekly house councils to learn how the house works, because you'll be very involved in running it.

3. Our house is very social. There's always a crowd of people socializing downstairs, so as long as you don't lock yourself up in your room you won't have too much trouble making friends.

Can't wait to meet you!
Oki's number is 770-855-2762.

My name is Rabbit, by the way, and my number is 510-395-2432 if you have any other questions about Loth.
Thanks, Rabbit!
Hi, my name's Naomi and I'll be one of the house managers this fall.

I'm glad you're putting so much thought into your co-op experieince already! Yes, it's totally fine if you move in on Sunday. Yes, eat the food. And yes, I'm sure we'd all be so happy if you made us vegan cookies, but you don't have to either!

Please feel free to call me if you have any more questions or concerns: 510.847.6614
Oh, of Loth. House manager of Loth :)