PinkBunny (pinkybunny) wrote in usca,

The Convent

I'm currently not a big fan of where I live (the Convent). The majority of the manager positions are controlled by a the biggest clique of hypocritical douche-bags I've ever met...and frankly, I've just had enough.

Right now, I'm looking for some way to get my bed re-lofted the way it was before the maintenance manager removed it to get my carpet replaced. For the past month, I've been sleeping on the floor with pieces of my loft hanging around me because the maintenance manager told me a) he didn't have the time to re-loft the bed he took down and b) some other co-op'er in the house mounted/moved/whatever their furniture by themselves "so why can't I?" (note: the reason I can't remount it--by myself at least--matches the reason why he had to take it down in the first place.).

Frankly, I don't have the energy to fight this annoying individual and his pack of cronies (i.e. the other managers) so right now, I'm thinking of just going straight to Wes at CM and the USCA and placing a formal complaint.

Just for the record, I've been dealing with co-oper's for over 4 years now (everywhere from Chateau, Ridge, Rochdale, to here). In that time period, I've NEVER had a problem at any of the houses (or people for that matter) that I've stayed with. However, now, I'm pretty close to just raising hell with these people. I've pretty much hit the last straw with having to deal with their bullshit notions of "cooperation" and not getting any "cooperation" back.

My tolerance is completely shot here...any guidance or feedback on how to take this problem to board (or seeing that it's mostly a maintenance issue, should I just skip board and go to CM)?
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