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Looking for Single Rooms. Any suggestions?

Hi guys, so I've been living in the coops for a while. I lived in Oscar Wilde for a year, and in the Fenwick Apartments for two more years + 2 summers. I'm going to move into the houses for this upcoming fall semester, and I've been offered a spot in Oscar Wilde again. I'm a gay, 22 year old, Mixed/Mexican, Raver, 5th year student.

The thing is, I'm hoping to get a single in whatever house I move into. I know that Oscar Wilde has 8 Single bedrooms, but I'm thinking that someplace like CZ, with 32 possible singles could be the better option.

I figure that with a house as large as Casa Zimbabwe I should be able to meet plenty of people I'd get along with, but have really only been there for one party.

I can live with a roommate, but would really prefer not to. LOL. I won't be able to bid on a single until I've already accepted a contract, so I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions on which course of action seems the wisest, and/or if you think I could mesh well with other CZers.
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