cali_phoenix (cali_phoenix) wrote in usca,

Not what I expected

My co-op experience is one of my worst at berkeley. When I walked into a room recently, two managers made faces at each other, nodding in my direction. Everyone within a certain clique won't talk to me, as if I have the cooties and it is junior high. The other new girls besides me are courteous and mostly friendly, but with some oldtimers, there is an implied social structure, and only  the"cool" girls sit at a certain dining room table. I sat there once before I knew this rule, but no one talked to me.  I can't believe how stupid the unwritten rules are here and can't wait to go somewhere else next semester.  The exclusion isn't depressing but being surrounded by this level of immaturity is. Maybe the environment explains why half the house is new this semester. (I bet everyone can guess where I live now. )

Please tell me not all bsc co-ops are like this.
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