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University Students' Cooperative Association's Journal

16th July, 2009. 1:33 pm. Looking for Single Rooms. Any suggestions?(axusus)

Hi guys, so I've been living in the coops for a while. I lived in Oscar Wilde for a year, and in the Fenwick Apartments for two more years + 2 summers. I'm going to move into the houses for this upcoming fall semester, and I've been offered a spot in Oscar Wilde again. I'm a gay, 22 year old, Mixed/Mexican, Raver, 5th year student.

The thing is, I'm hoping to get a single in whatever house I move into. I know that Oscar Wilde has 8 Single bedrooms, but I'm thinking that someplace like CZ, with 32 possible singles could be the better option.

I figure that with a house as large as Casa Zimbabwe I should be able to meet plenty of people I'd get along with, but have really only been there for one party.

I can live with a roommate, but would really prefer not to. LOL. I won't be able to bid on a single until I've already accepted a contract, so I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions on which course of action seems the wisest, and/or if you think I could mesh well with other CZers.

Current mood: confused.

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19th May, 2009. 2:55 am. Alternate Preferences?(nuclearwintre)


I got accepted to Cal for this Fall as a transfer student, and my boyfriend, who will be attending a community college, and I want to be housed in Lothlorien. However, being as we're living in Portland, OR it's not easy getting down to Berkeley to check out the other coops, so I'm wondering based on the fact that we're vegan, goth, and environmentally conscious...what we should list as our second and third choices.


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29th October, 2007. 11:32 am. Berkeley Student Cooperative(nibot)

Apparently the USCA has changed its name to "Berkeley Student Cooperative."

Edit: Well, not really:
Rest assured, the official name of the organization will remain the University Students’ Cooperative Association, while the organization will soon begin to operate under the nickname Berkeley Student Cooperative.

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19th September, 2007. 6:45 pm. Not what I expected(cali_phoenix)

My co-op experience is one of my worst at berkeley. When I walked into a room recently, two managers made faces at each other, nodding in my direction. Everyone within a certain clique won't talk to me, as if I have the cooties and it is junior high. The other new girls besides me are courteous and mostly friendly, but with some oldtimers, there is an implied social structure, and only  the"cool" girls sit at a certain dining room table. I sat there once before I knew this rule, but no one talked to me.  I can't believe how stupid the unwritten rules are here and can't wait to go somewhere else next semester.  The exclusion isn't depressing but being surrounded by this level of immaturity is. Maybe the environment explains why half the house is new this semester. (I bet everyone can guess where I live now. )

Please tell me not all bsc co-ops are like this.

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9th September, 2007. 11:50 am. UC Berkeley Sustainability Pamphlet-- for your use(pinkybunny)

Hi co'oper's!

I am part of a four-person team (all current and ex-co'opers) who created a Sustainability pamphlet for new (and old) students at Berkeley. We are currently in the process of distributing this amongst the dorms, UCB recycling crew, SGB (Students for a Greener Berkeley), and
various student groups on campus. If any of you know of any groups who might have use for this sort of thing, feel free to send it their way. Otherwise, it's all yours to love and enjoy.

Here are some jpg's of the pamphlet. However, if you email me (arielles AT berk DOT edu) I can send you it in pdf format...which is easier to print from).




P.S. If you can, it is very feasible to post this on a website. In fact, we'd really encourage
putting it on a website if you or your group have one (...reduce printing cost/waste).

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31st July, 2007. 12:53 pm. A few co-op questions(lyrane)

I'm going to be starting at Lothlorien in the fall, and I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind:

1. do most people eat three meals a day from the coop, or do they get a caldining plan too for lunches, etc? could one take food from the Loth pantry regularly to make to-go meals?
2. how big a deal is it if I show up kind of late for move-in, i.e. late afternoon on Sunday the 26th of August? Is it vital to be there early to meet a roommate, and is it a bad idea to not attend the orientation brunch? I would like to delay my departure from home as much as possible, but will this be not a good idea?
3. what's a good way to make friends with neighbors in the coop? bring (vegan) cookies and hand them out along the hall?

Thank you very much!

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14th April, 2007. 5:20 pm. CPR / First Aid training - FREE!(skippyandebsy)

We are holding FREE CPR/First Aid training tomorrow at Rochdale Lounge, starting at 10 am sharp, and ending around 5:30 pm. A delicious Thai lunch will be provided. The training is free to all USCA members, and we have 5 slots open, so take advantage of this opportunity. First Aid and CPR training looks great on a resume, but most importantly can help you save a life! Hope to see you there!

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16th February, 2007. 12:39 am. Apartmentmate, Summer and Fall(pallasathene)

Anyone looking for someone to share a place with this summer and fall?

I would be happy with three others or just 1.

And I would love you if you had cookware.

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25th October, 2006. 11:38 pm. The Convent(pinkybunny)

I'm currently not a big fan of where I live (the Convent). The majority of the manager positions are controlled by a the biggest clique of hypocritical douche-bags I've ever met...and frankly, I've just had enough.

Right now, I'm looking for some way to get my bed re-lofted the way it was before the maintenance manager removed it to get my carpet replaced. For the past month, I've been sleeping on the floor with pieces of my loft hanging around me because the maintenance manager told me a) he didn't have the time to re-loft the bed he took down and b) some other co-op'er in the house mounted/moved/whatever their furniture by themselves "so why can't I?" (note: the reason I can't remount it--by myself at least--matches the reason why he had to take it down in the first place.).

Frankly, I don't have the energy to fight this annoying individual and his pack of cronies (i.e. the other managers) so right now, I'm thinking of just going straight to Wes at CM and the USCA and placing a formal complaint.

Just for the record, I've been dealing with co-oper's for over 4 years now (everywhere from Chateau, Ridge, Rochdale, to here). In that time period, I've NEVER had a problem at any of the houses (or people for that matter) that I've stayed with. However, now, I'm pretty close to just raising hell with these people. I've pretty much hit the last straw with having to deal with their bullshit notions of "cooperation" and not getting any "cooperation" back.

My tolerance is completely shot here...any guidance or feedback on how to take this problem to board (or seeing that it's mostly a maintenance issue, should I just skip board and go to CM)?

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17th October, 2006. 11:19 pm. Kingman goes carbon-neutral!(zestyping)

Kingman Hall just voted in a new bylaw that causes us to buy renewable energy credits to offset all of the carbon emissions from our electricity and natural gas use. This means our energy use will no longer contribute to climate change!

A little while ago, i watched the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". Reading about the movie led me to climatecrisis.net, which led me to Native Energy, a company that sells renewable energy credits. I'd heard about Green Tags before, but it was only then that it occurred to me that we might, as a house, buy renewable energy credits to offset the carbon emissions for all the energy we use in our co-op. They are pretty affordable, and the idea of making the entire house carbon-neutral was really exciting.

Over the last 12 months, Kingman used about 6000 therms of natural gas and 74000 kilowatt-hours of electricity (which is not bad for 50 people). According to Native Energy's carbon calculator, this corresponds to 64 tons of carbon emissions, which we can offset for $64 a month or $1.28 per member. (This would be with their WindBuilders program, which uses the money to build new wind turbines in South Dakota.)

The first time i proposed a bylaw to offset our carbon emissions, the measure didn't pass. This time, it passed by a landslide (41 in favour, 3 against, 4 abstaining). Here's the text of the measure:

1. The following will be added to the bylaws:
Carbon Neutrality
  • Kingman Hall values carbon neutrality and aims to be a carbon-neutral house.
  • At least once per semester, we will take measures to ensure zero net carbon emissions from our electricity and natural gas usage for the semester.
  • For this purpose, the House Manager is authorized to spend house funds, charged to members on house bills, to buy renewable energy credits that offset our carbon emissions.

2. The following will be added to the Waste Reduction Manager's job description:

  • At least once per month, obtain records of our electricity and natural gas usage and post them in a highly visible place for house members to see.
  • At least once per semester, estimate our carbon emissions.
  • Research options for buying renewable energy credits.
  • Advise the House Manager on where to buy renewable energy credits and how many credits to buy keep Kingman carbon-neutral.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could make the entire USCA carbon-neutral? If you're interested in this issue, please feel free to use this wording as a starting point or a reference for a bylaw in your own house. Also, here's the information sheet we posted to explain the bylaw change.

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